Truly native Salesforce banking.

millio is the first full-fledged app for your online banking in Salesforce. Intuitive. Efficient. Secure.

With millio you can organize your entire online banking directly in your familiar Salesforce interface and
fully automate manual tasks of your finance team.

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Manage all accounts with a single app

Most companies use more than one bank account to organize finances. However, this involves an enormous amount of administrative work.

millio solves this problem: Almost all German and Austrian banks as well as payment services such as PayPal can be managed centrally in Salesforce with millio.
You can fully access all your bank accounts - regardless of the credit institution.

Account Overview

All transactions at a single glance

Switching back and forth between your business bank accounts and keeping track of all account activity takes an enormous amount of time. This is where Millio comes in.

The Salesforce Banking solution Millio allows you to connect all your bank accounts and provides you with an optimal overview of account activities and transactions.

So that you are always up to date.

Transaction Reconciliation

Compare invoices and transactions automatically

Manual reconciliation and allocation of incoming payments and invoice data on a daily basis is not only time-consuming and cost-intensive, but also prone to errors.

millio fully automates your payment reconciliation: The app matches account transactions with invoices in your Salesforce system, sets the status of the invoice to "Paid" and notifies you of the assignment.

Money Transfers

Make money transfers in Salesforce

Often, remittance data must be entered and payments triggered manually. The result: massive time expenditure and potential sources of error.

Make this process as efficient as possible with Millio: Transfer your invoices and create standing orders directly from your familiar Salesforce environment. Fields in the transfer form are automatically pre-filled from your CRM data, if you wish.

So you can trigger payment orders with a click in Salesforce and save time.

Direct Debits

Submit direct debits directly from Salesforce

Direct debit simplifies the day-to-day work of companies with frequently recurring payments.

With Millio you can easily create single and recurring direct debits from all your accounts directly in Salesforce. And without an intermediary third party like your bank.


Evaluate cash flows with reporting, list views and dashboards

Budgeting, planning, monitoring and evaluating important financial figures often require a lot of time investment and various programs in everyday business.

Thanks to millio and the intelligent reporting tools from Salesforce, you can see at a glance what is happening with your money. All key figures and developments can be easily visualized in diagrams.


Transform your business banking

Automating repetitive business processes is the best and easiest way to keep your business competitive. By eliminating manual and time-consuming tasks, you have more time for your customers and forward-looking projects.

  • Monitor all bank accounts at a glance
  • Receive automated notifications of important incoming payments
  • Reconcile incoming payments with invoices fully automatically
  • Create standing orders directly from invoices
  • Have your transfer forms pre-filled automatically
  • Evaluate your transactions in real time with reports
Icon Overview


With Millio, you always have an overview of your business accounts, transactions and important key figures - regardless of the credit institution.

Icon Automation


No more manual matching of incoming payments and invoices - Millio fully automates the matching process.

Icon Efficiency


Make transfers and direct debits in Salesforce - without time-consuming logging in and out of your online banking account.

Our partners

You can also get millio licences and support for installing the online banking application from our partners, who are very familiar with the financial processes in Salesforce:


Your safety is our highest priority

When it comes to data protection, you're on the safe side with millio. millio communicates with your accounts via the third party provider finAPI, which has been working with various banks for many years and is constantly being developed with the highest security standards. Using REST-API and SSL encryption, your data is reliably transferred directly to Salesforce and protected from third-party access. Completely without intermediate storage on the millio servers.

Millio Server


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Transparent. Can be cancelled at any time.

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Portrait Sebastian Paasch | Managing Director | AMX Germany

Great time savings - prevents errors.

As a Salesforce CPQ and Billing customer, we have many incoming payments from customers as well as many outgoing payments to vendors. With millio, I have been able to automate many previous manual tasks, which saves a lot of time and prevents many errors. Plus, great customer support!

– Sebastian Paasch | Managing Director | AMX Germany –

Portrait Neven Subotic I Management and Executive Board I well:fair foundation

Reliable game changer

The app was simple to install thanks to detailed documentation available and support all the way throughout from their friendly team. Using bank transactions on salesforce is providing a tremendous improvement to how me manage donors, donations and receipts. I think this app is a no brainer in case where you work with bank transactions, because within salesforce you can do so much more with it.

– Neven Subotic I Management and Executive Board I well:fair foundation –

Portrait Jakob Klammer | Controlling | Schwäbische Liegenschaften

Amazing Banking Tool

Great way to speed up and automate the regular payment run. Thanks to millio, we can also allocate incoming payments without additional effort and thus have a list of all open positions. Great product!

– Jakob Klammer | Controlling | Schwäbische Liegenschaften –

Portrait Michael Weber | Head of IT and Digital | vibe moves you

Simple, yet flexible banking app

I would generally recommend millio to companies with high transaction volumes, but also to those who simply find their payment reconciliation tedious and no longer want to do it manually.

– Michael Weber | Head of IT and Digital | vibe moves you –